Fear of Failure…

What is the first step to anything?  Mine is gratitude. It’s the only first step in life for me that isn’t scary.  As much as I might do things anyway, maybe naively, maybe for a bit of fun – there’s usually some kind of fear for one reason or another behind it.  For me, the voice in my head asking  ‘can I afford it? Will I be able? Will it hurt my back? (long story) What if I’m not good enough? Will I fail?  So, the major thing that has stopped me from writing my first blog is FEAR. Debilitating fear.  Questions like ‘Who am I to write a blog? Who would even read it? What if I’m judged?  What if people slag/judge me? Are we all the same or do some people just ‘have it’?  What if it’s shit?
Jay Shetty  said something today that really resonated with me.  He said that his ‘ favourite failure story of all time though is about a man who’s fiancé died, he failed in business, he had a nervous breakdown and on top of all of that he failed and lost 8 elections he went on to the 16th president of the United states of America.  His name is Abraham Lincoln. I actually believe that failure has the ability to lure success to you.  Countless failures are almost door keepers to success and every time you walk through one door the gate gets bigger and the lock gets tighter and  gets that much more difficult because we’re being  tested for our  genuine-ness and our authenticity and our real desire to chase that goal, a real desire to actually embody the values to almost take responsibility for that success, a responsibility for that position and the influence it brings with it and therefore if you’ve never failed, you’ve never really tried anything new.’
I want to help anyone who has felt like me, who has questioned themselves, still questions themselves with what if’s?  The unknown does not have to be bad; sometimes the safety net of the familiar is not always good.  That leap is needed, and if you fail, well – what of it?  What’s the lesson in the failure that you can use to get back up?  Can the failure be used One of my personal favourite icons of failing and rising again is a woman who was told she was too emotional and not right for TV, and that she couldn’t do it – we are talking about Oprah Winfrey!  I know everyone knows the story, but look at all the adversity she has had in her life.  Did it stop her?  Yeah maybe for a while, but she somehow found a voice inside herself that told her she was worth it.  To try again, she told herself she could do it.  Oprah took that first step after failing, so here is mine!
I’ve failed, and I’ve failed BIG.  I’m ready to get up and try again
Feel the fear and do it anyway 🙂